Social Service

St.Francis Province Thamarassery has two balabhavans.  One of them is St.Mary's Balabhavan Venappara. 34 girls (10-15 years) from poor and broken families doing their accademic studies there. Another one is St.Alphonsa Balabhavan Erood. There are 13 girls and 22 boys from 5 to 10 years. We help these little ones to grow up in Spiritual and human values, and provide a loving home atmosphere there. Children who have parents or relatives are send back to their homes after SSLC. We take care the orphans and provide necessary help for their bright future. Now two girls are doing Post B Sc after the GNM course.

Sisters give special in character formation of the children and provide opportunities for the growth in sports and arts. We give christeen retreat for their spiritual upliftment.

We have two old age homes. They are Sneha Nivas Ambayathode and Asha Bhavan Kodanchery. 20 old women spend their old age in prayer in prayer in Sneha Nivas. There are two dying women are taken cared in Asha Bhavan.

We have a social work centre in Ambayathode Sneha Nivas. Various women empowerment programmes are conducted here. It provides free training courses for the poor people far and near.

We have clinic in Sneha Nivas we give free treatment and medicine there. Our rehabilitation centre for the lame women is Vimala Home Devagiri 10 women lead a happy life there with the help of 4 sisters who are staying with them. They work in host and curry powder making sections.

Shanati Bhavan Kundayithode is run by Capuchin fathers for the mental patients and mentally challenged ones. Three sisters extending their valuable and whole hearted service there and help the patients to grow in love, peace and prayer.

Alphonsa Garden is actively taking place in various parishes. The children understand the ways of St.Alphonsa and they can grow in spiritual values by practicing them in their day to day lives. As the part of social work we build houses for the very poor ones and give study aids to many children who are in need of. Also provide medical aid and other alms giving under the social work department.



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