Healing Ministry

Jesus the divine healer is being continued to heal the sick and suffering ones through the dedicated service of FCC sisters. St.Francis Province is extending the healing ministry specially through our St.Mary's Hospital Karinkallathani. Sisters serve as doctors, nurses and paramedical staff there. We provide free treatment for the poor once.

The 'Sr.Dr.Mary Glovary Award for 203' winner Dr.Sr.Dominic is an efficient Gynacologist. Our sisters are also working in Amala Medical College,Calicut Medical college and Fathima Nursing school Kalpetta.

Through the sincere,selfless and dedicated service,FCC sisters help to cure the bodilyailments of the suffering ones. Sisters pay special attention to their mental and spiritual upliftment.

Through our service in nursing scools,young women become committed and inspiring nurses in their entrusted fields. Sisters help the poor to get their medicine aid from some rich people. Health education is giving to the poor through medical camps. Our sisters extending their caring hands to the poor and unwanted mothers in the old age homes.

Malabar Provinces joined together and formed medical guild for the spiritual and mental wellbeing of the sisters working in the healing ministry. Enriching and fruitful classes and spiritual activities are done during yhere meetings.

Sisters who are working in this field.

Gynacologist 2
Medical MD 1
Administrators 2
Post BSc 3
Pharmacist 3
X ray 1
BSc Nurses 2
GNM 16

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